Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wow, it's been awhile since I posted. It's not like we weren't doing anything around here! : )

Matt has been in Dallas several times during the last couple of weeks. His Grandma Bogner passed away last Wednesday evening, so we went back to Colwich for the funeral on Saturday. I hadn't attended a Catholic funeral mass, but it's definitely a fantastic way to say goodbye to someone you love. It's a terrific send-off. We are all definitely better people from knowing Grandma Bobbie.

We're headed to Des Moines for Thanksgiving. I went ahead and started digging out the Christmas stuff last night. I have everything out except for the Christmas tree. Poor Moxie's stocking was relocated to hanging on a kitchen cabinet because we only had 4 stocking holders. Collin took her place.

Here's hoping that I have lots of pictures from this holiday week to post next weekend to give you all something to see!! : )

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I've found myself a musical lover!

I took Dylan to see Lion King on Broadway yesterday afternoon at the Music Hall in KCMO. Even though he wasn't feeling good, he loved what he saw. There was lots of action and dancing and singing to keep his attention. We left at intermission though, because he was burning up!! We came home and he laid on the couch the rest of the evening. Poor little guy!!!

We just watched a lot of football the rest of the weekend. Our Trailblazers won Friday night, so they move onto the next round in the playoffs. Collin has become their biggest fan!!

K-State lost (of course) to Missouri, and the KC Chiefs lost (of course) today. Matt worked all day today, so the boys were very good and played so that I could get all kinds of projects done. I switched out the summer clothes for the winter clothes, hung up a few new decorating items (I'll have to take a picture of my favorite thing), and put the bigger car seat in Matt's truck for Collin.

One last picture...this is how we have to change Collin's diaper nowadays. He moves too fast!!!! Lori Harris gave Matt this idea...stand him up to something so he can play.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Collin!!

My baby is 8 months old today. Just said his first word last night...not exactly sure what he was saying...either ba-ba for bath (because I heard it for the first time when I carried him into the bathroom while the bath water was running)...or ba-ba for Bubba (big brother Dylan).

Here he is posing with Hunter, our friend's dog. This dog is the best calm around kids.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween round-up

Well, I'm sitting at home on a Monday afternoon because Collin got sick at the babysitter's. It must have been a fluke thing, because he's fine now. He's taking a little snooze now so I'm going to catch up on my blogging.

Halloween was a success at our house. The weather was awesome, so we skipped Boo Bash. We ate supper with McCarty's and McAtee's, and then headed home. Matt and Dylan went trick-or treating around the neighborhood, and Collin & I sat outside to hand out candy. Collin's cow costume didn't fit him anymore, so he wore Dylan's dragon costume from Dylan's first halloween. Take a look at the two pictures below. Dylan is in the picture that was taken on our front porch at our old house. The two of them look pretty much the same in that costume.

Saturday night we went out for Steve McAtee's birthday. The 6 of us went down to the Power & Light District. We ate at Gorden Biersch Brewery (awesome food), and hung out at Howl at the Moon and PBR clubs. The PBR is a country bar, so it brought back all of my college memories of hanging out in Longhorns!!! Matt's mom came up to see the boys, so she babysat for us.

The rest of the weekend was a bust...thanks to the KSU Wildcats who got BLOWN OUT by those "stinky Jayhawks" as Dylan would call them. Good gets my vote as the best website of the year.