Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our busy weekend!!

Well, we didn't end up going to the KSU game this weekend...first, because it was going to be HOT, and second, I had several things to catch up on for work. So Steve and Carsyn Harris used our tickets, and came up from OKC to watch the game (Hi Miss Carsyn...hope you had fun!!!). And thankfully KSU won the game. I'm trying so hard to not be a fair-weather fan, but good grief, it's so depressing to remember how good we used to be, and look at us now.

We did attend one football game this weekend...Gardner-Edgerton High School vs. Louisburg. GO TRAILBLAZERS!!! 4-0 to start the season!!! Coach Diener is working miracles with this team. We've got a great I hope we can go far this season. This is what I've been waiting for ever since we moved to the small (ha, ha) town of relive my high school days of when everyone in the town went to the Friday night football game. It didn't use to be this way...the stadium would be half full for the first half, and then everyone went home at half-time. Now, you should see the crowds that head to the high school on Friday nights...and there's even big crowds that head on down the road to attend the away games. I love it!!! It makes me anxious for when our boys are old enough to play football.

Then on Saturday, Matt & Dylan went to the Nationwide 300 at the Kansas Speedway. This is their 2nd race that they've seen this year (they went to the Craftsman truck race in April). I don't mind it at all...Collin and I had a lovely afternoon together...reading blogs!!!

Today we went to church and Dylan went to Sunday School (learned about Noah's Ark, so we had to read the whole story tonight at bedtime). I really need to find him a good children's bible. Any ideas, anyone?

Chris, Mandy & Megan came over tonight for supper and to play at the park. That's all for our weekend. My three boys are all in bed, Moxie is laying on the chair, looking very perturbed that the lamp is still on. How dare I be up this late in the living room keeping her awake?! Time for bed for the ladies of the house.

Kindergarten Heritage Celebration Picnic

Dylan's class celebrated their family heritages last Friday by inviting their families to join them in a potluck picnic. We were all supposed to bring a food item that came from our heritage or a favorite food item that our family likes to eat. Well, since we really don't have one specific heritage, I decided to take tortilla, love, love the premade ones that you can find in the freezer section at Price Chopper. OK, so I know I cheated, and I'm pretty sure every other food item at the picnic was homemade. Oh well.

Here is Dylan reading a book to Daddy, while we waited for all of the parents to get there.

They put on a little play for us to start the celebration. It was about making friends. The class was divided up into two groups...outgoing kids and shy kids. Dylan was in the shy group...Mrs. Furlong pretty much hit the nail on the head by putting him in that group...except he doesn't look like he's shy in this picture.

Mrs. Furlong is standing at the head of the line (in the white t-shirt). I'm very impressed with how well the kids follow her's amazing!!! When she talks, they definitely listen!!

Time to Decorate for Fall

Dylan decided that since Collin's babysitter had put out all of her Halloween decorations, we needed to decorate too. So last Sunday while Matt was golfing and Collin was sleeping, Dylan and I dug out the 3 tubs of fall decor. I also promised him that we could go to Target and buy 1 new Halloween decoration. We came home with the pumpkin light stakes that we put in front of the landscaping.

I copied the lady down the street with the orange lights around the topiaries. I bought those topiaries at Walmart when we first moved into the new house...3 years ago. I think they cost $20 each, and I figured they would last a year. But, they've been in and out of the house, unlit and lit, and 3 years later, they've only lost a couple of branches!! (Don't look at all of my extension cords...I'm famous for having a million different cords going every which way.) (Also ignore the dead plant sitting on the front step.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Junior Wildcat Day - September 6

The KSU Alumni Association offers a program for kids called the Junior Wildcat Club, so I enrolled Dylan in it this year. It costs $40, and he gets a t-shirt and other goodies, and has 3 opportunities during the school year to meet up with the athletes. During football season, they have an autograph session with the basketball players. During basketball season, they get to meet the football players. Then they also have a gathering during the spring football game.

So, Junior Wildcat Day was on September 6th at Bramlage Coliseum. They had all of the basketball players (girls and guys) there to sign autographs. Of course, Dylan didn't want to go down on the floor because he didn't know anyone, so Matt dragged him out there. After awhile, he started to loosen up. Collin, of course, was the hit of the day for the girls basketball players. They couldn't get enough of him!!

Marlies Gipson, who is from McPherson, KS (back home)

Making sure Collin soaks in all of the purple that he can.

Jacob Pullen, our new favorite basketball player

Deb Patterson, girls coach

Shalee Lehning from the girls team...loved Collin!!
I'm kicking myself for not doing this last year...can you imagine getting Michael Beasley's autograph? That would have been way too cool!!!
After the autograph session was done, we all went down on the football field to greet the football team as they came into the stadium to get dressed. I think Matt loved it just as much as Dylan did.
Josh Freeman, quarterback
For $40, I would consider this a great deal!!! I mean, when would we ever get the chance to be on the basketball court or football field...unless of course, our boys become great athletes for KSU. : )

KU Watch Party

Yes, you don't have to blink and rub your eyes...I actually said the dreaded letters, K & U. When KU played on a Friday night a couple of weeks ago, we had our good friends, the McCartys and the McAtees (all KU fans) over to watch the game. We had planned to go to Gardner's football game that night, but it was rained out.

The guys watched the game, the boys ran around the house and made a lot of noise, and the moms sat and chatted. I tried my sangria recipes again, and they turned out yummy!!

I just love the grin on Collin's face in this picture.

Collin and Kameron (Kohlton's little brother). Kameron was born on April 3rd...almost exactly 1 month younger than Collin. They have no choice but to be best friends!!

Dylan, Collin, Kohlton, Kameron, and Brady.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm already struggling for a title...

So I'll just post some pictures of the boys. : )

Collin was trying to drink out of the sippy cup like this...without holding it in his hands.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Howl at the Moon!!!

Jenny sent me the pictures from Saturday night at Howl at the Moon!!! This is my friend Adrienne (aka Brady's mom).
Jenny (aka Kohlton's mom) joined us for this party pic. I look horrible!!!

This is me and Adrienne with a couple of Jenny's co-workers dancin' down in the courtyard of the Power & Light District. The funniest part of the evening was when the DJ played "Hangin' Tough" by New Kids on the Block. We started screaming like we were in high school again!! LOL!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Maybe I'll do better with blogging

OK, OK, I know I'm the worst person when it comes down to sending out pictures of my boys and sending out email updates about the Jacobs' family happenings. So, I'm going to try the blogging thing.

I've been lurking on other people's blogs, and it's a pretty cool thing...I'm just hooked on the cute designs and colors that people have designed for their blogs. Some people compose entries every day...I don't think that I'll be able to do it quite that often...I'm hoping for weekly entries...besides we really don't do that many exciting things!

So, here goes...this week was unfortunately filled with sickness at our house. Collin had a fever on Monday and Tuesday, and I got a call from the school nurse on Friday about Dylan's 101.4 fever. I think Collin's was from teething, and we had Dylan tested for strep throat because his throat hurt terribly, but it came back negative. So, I gave them lots of cuddling and Motrin, and by Saturday, both boys were feeling fine.

Matt had an airports conference on Monday thru Wednesday. The guys played golf on Monday afternoon, social hour at Boulevard Brewery on Monday night, and then Matt and the other BWR guys treated their clients to the Royals game on Tuesday night. Then he went back to his dad's farm on Friday to help Neal mow and clean up the place. He came back Saturday morning to relieve me of my duties...because Mommy had the most exciting plans of the week!!!!

I attended my friend Jenny's monthly wine night Saturday evening. This is the most awesome idea ever!!! A group of her co-workers started having wine night once a month at someone's house. They each brought 2 bottles of wine and an appetizer...with the plan being to drink half of the bottles of wine and each of them would then take a bottle home. Well, the plan hasn't ever worked that way...all of the wine ends up disappearing. Well, this month they decided to have their wine night at Howl at the Moon down in the Power & Light District in downtown Kansas City, MO. Howl at the Moon is the best bar ever!!!! They have dueling pianos (no, it's not what everyone thinks of the first time they hear this.) They have a whole band along with the dueling pianos and they take requests from the audience and they play any, rap, oldies, top 40, etc. Take a look at their I can't do it any justice by trying to explain it. Well, this month, my friend Adrienne & I were invited to tag along, and of course, we had to join them. It was a blast!!!! I'll post pictures of our evening when Jenny sends them to me.

Well, I'm pooped from my late night last night, and I need to wake Collin up from his nap to put his PJ's on and give him his bottle and put him back to bed. Hee hee, he's slept a lot today!!! He has his 6 month appointment tomorrow...yuck more shots. Dylan is going along to be moral support for his little bro.