Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our busy weekend!!

Well, we didn't end up going to the KSU game this weekend...first, because it was going to be HOT, and second, I had several things to catch up on for work. So Steve and Carsyn Harris used our tickets, and came up from OKC to watch the game (Hi Miss Carsyn...hope you had fun!!!). And thankfully KSU won the game. I'm trying so hard to not be a fair-weather fan, but good grief, it's so depressing to remember how good we used to be, and look at us now.

We did attend one football game this weekend...Gardner-Edgerton High School vs. Louisburg. GO TRAILBLAZERS!!! 4-0 to start the season!!! Coach Diener is working miracles with this team. We've got a great I hope we can go far this season. This is what I've been waiting for ever since we moved to the small (ha, ha) town of relive my high school days of when everyone in the town went to the Friday night football game. It didn't use to be this way...the stadium would be half full for the first half, and then everyone went home at half-time. Now, you should see the crowds that head to the high school on Friday nights...and there's even big crowds that head on down the road to attend the away games. I love it!!! It makes me anxious for when our boys are old enough to play football.

Then on Saturday, Matt & Dylan went to the Nationwide 300 at the Kansas Speedway. This is their 2nd race that they've seen this year (they went to the Craftsman truck race in April). I don't mind it at all...Collin and I had a lovely afternoon together...reading blogs!!!

Today we went to church and Dylan went to Sunday School (learned about Noah's Ark, so we had to read the whole story tonight at bedtime). I really need to find him a good children's bible. Any ideas, anyone?

Chris, Mandy & Megan came over tonight for supper and to play at the park. That's all for our weekend. My three boys are all in bed, Moxie is laying on the chair, looking very perturbed that the lamp is still on. How dare I be up this late in the living room keeping her awake?! Time for bed for the ladies of the house.

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