Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Junior Wildcat Day - September 6

The KSU Alumni Association offers a program for kids called the Junior Wildcat Club, so I enrolled Dylan in it this year. It costs $40, and he gets a t-shirt and other goodies, and has 3 opportunities during the school year to meet up with the athletes. During football season, they have an autograph session with the basketball players. During basketball season, they get to meet the football players. Then they also have a gathering during the spring football game.

So, Junior Wildcat Day was on September 6th at Bramlage Coliseum. They had all of the basketball players (girls and guys) there to sign autographs. Of course, Dylan didn't want to go down on the floor because he didn't know anyone, so Matt dragged him out there. After awhile, he started to loosen up. Collin, of course, was the hit of the day for the girls basketball players. They couldn't get enough of him!!

Marlies Gipson, who is from McPherson, KS (back home)

Making sure Collin soaks in all of the purple that he can.

Jacob Pullen, our new favorite basketball player

Deb Patterson, girls coach

Shalee Lehning from the girls team...loved Collin!!
I'm kicking myself for not doing this last year...can you imagine getting Michael Beasley's autograph? That would have been way too cool!!!
After the autograph session was done, we all went down on the football field to greet the football team as they came into the stadium to get dressed. I think Matt loved it just as much as Dylan did.
Josh Freeman, quarterback
For $40, I would consider this a great deal!!! I mean, when would we ever get the chance to be on the basketball court or football field...unless of course, our boys become great athletes for KSU. : )

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