Sunday, September 28, 2008

Time to Decorate for Fall

Dylan decided that since Collin's babysitter had put out all of her Halloween decorations, we needed to decorate too. So last Sunday while Matt was golfing and Collin was sleeping, Dylan and I dug out the 3 tubs of fall decor. I also promised him that we could go to Target and buy 1 new Halloween decoration. We came home with the pumpkin light stakes that we put in front of the landscaping.

I copied the lady down the street with the orange lights around the topiaries. I bought those topiaries at Walmart when we first moved into the new house...3 years ago. I think they cost $20 each, and I figured they would last a year. But, they've been in and out of the house, unlit and lit, and 3 years later, they've only lost a couple of branches!! (Don't look at all of my extension cords...I'm famous for having a million different cords going every which way.) (Also ignore the dead plant sitting on the front step.)

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