Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kindergarten Heritage Celebration Picnic

Dylan's class celebrated their family heritages last Friday by inviting their families to join them in a potluck picnic. We were all supposed to bring a food item that came from our heritage or a favorite food item that our family likes to eat. Well, since we really don't have one specific heritage, I decided to take tortilla, love, love the premade ones that you can find in the freezer section at Price Chopper. OK, so I know I cheated, and I'm pretty sure every other food item at the picnic was homemade. Oh well.

Here is Dylan reading a book to Daddy, while we waited for all of the parents to get there.

They put on a little play for us to start the celebration. It was about making friends. The class was divided up into two groups...outgoing kids and shy kids. Dylan was in the shy group...Mrs. Furlong pretty much hit the nail on the head by putting him in that group...except he doesn't look like he's shy in this picture.

Mrs. Furlong is standing at the head of the line (in the white t-shirt). I'm very impressed with how well the kids follow her's amazing!!! When she talks, they definitely listen!!

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