Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mommy's going on a business trip!!!

I just found out that I'm going to be the "key integration contact" for our Kansas City office. I'm going to manage the switching of our system over to the Mobile system in the next couple of months. This means that I'm going to be traveling to Mobile for 2 weeks in October...the week of the 5th and the week of the 19th. I didn't expect them to even consider me since I have other pressing committments at home. My friend Jim would have been perfect...he doesn't have any kids. But my boss really wanted me to go since he feels like I have the most knowledge about how our stuff works. And I told him as long as they were able to work around Matt's traveling schedule and I would only go for one week at a time, I would agree to do this. So, they agreed to split up my two weeks into every other week. After I return, I'll work on the integration a little bit each day, so I'll be able to keep my regular clients. I was especially worried about this because our clients are already uneasy about the merger.

I leave early on the Monday mornings, and return Friday nights. I'm so excited to be able to experience what Matt gets to do so much of. I'm going to miss my 3 guys like crazy, and I know I'll probably cry a little bit each night, but I'm ready to sit in my hotel room and read my books, and I'm even planning on making a few little road trips. I want to venture over to the Biloxi area, and check out the damage from Hurricane Katrina...see what has changed since we were there in June of 2001...and hopefully catch up with our friends, Aaron & Stefani Lapointe. Then I want to travel down to Gulf Shores and check out the beach houses for rent to see if that area will be a good vacation spot for our summer vacation next year with the McCartys and McAtees. I plan on walking out on the beach and taking a picture of myself!!! (Boy, it sounds like I don't get out much, doesn't it?)

Anyways, back to the here and now...Dylan had his first flag football practice tonight in the rain. But, the boys stuck it out. Dylan had some great spin moves to move out of the way of the defender. I think he may be like a Darren Sproles...tiny but able to zig-zag around the defense.

Collin's been reading more books...all he wants to do is sit on our laps in the recliner and read books these days. And he loves to "mump" on the bed..."jump" on the bed. Tomorrow night while the dads and the big boys go to the GEHS football game, all of us moms are going to Adrienne's house and let the babies jump on the trampoline.

We're going to try and take Collin to the KSU football game on Saturday. I figure he'll make it 1 quarter or hopefully maybe the 1st half, and then Mom & I will have to take him out to the van and let him play. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that since it's our last non-conference game, maybe there won't be a full stadium, and he'll have room to move around our seats.

Well, the bed is calling my name...goodnight everyone!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The "Cool Street" block party

As promised, here are a couple of block party pictures.

Here is Collin with Fred, Blaire & Tim's basset hound. Collin loves Fred because he's so low-key.

Here's Collin & Caden interrupting the washers game that the older boys were playing.

It was such a great time...we have so many new neighbors on the street that it was a perfect time to meet everyone. We probably had between 30-40 people, counting the adults and kids. Here's to next year!
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Go Cats!!!

Our Wildcats are playing at UCLA tonight, so their game just started at 9:30!! If they don't start doing better on defense...just allowed a huge run down the field...I may just have to go to bed. That ought to show them!! HA!

We had our block party tonight...I'll post the pictures tomorrow. We have such great neighbors...we've all heard other residents of the subdivision say that we all have the "fun street". And we really do. I know I've talked about it before on here...the kids are all the same age and they all get along...and all of us moms are good friends.

Last weekend Matt & Chris Flageolle constructed a swing set in our back yard. I can't believe it took us so long to finally get one! I've always felt bad because our boys go next door and play on their now the neighbor kids can come over to ours!! Collin has already figured out how to climb up the ladder (I know the grandmas are going to cringe when they read that). Dylan loves the tree house...he immediately said that he was going to hide up there and play his PSP.

Chris wouldn't let me take any pictures of them while they were holding the instructions in their hands...ha! Guess I didn't get any more pictures!! Just kidding....I took the boys to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese during the major portion of construction.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing. Matt & Chris headed out to western Kansas Sunday afternoon, and they returned late Monday night.

I am reading the newest Dan Brown novel...The Lost Symbol. It's a fantastic read!!! I even put down my latest Sookie Stackhouse novel in the middle of reading it so I could start on the Dan Brown novel! I have 3 people waiting in line for it as soon as I'm done. Has anyone else read it yet?

This last paragraph was added Sunday afternoon....well, the Cats lost to UCLA...only by 14 points though...I expected a blowout.
Hope everyone has a great week!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Starts

Dylan is having a blast in 1st grade!! His teacher is Ms. Beverage. She is a sweetheart! And she's good friends with our neighbor, Robyn (so we always have an additional connection to her).

I did embarrass myself in front of her the first week of school. She was getting into her car at the same time as I was walking out to our car after picking up Dylan. I was busy talking to her, and watching Collin toddle along behind me (because he never wants to be carried anymore) at the same time. He tries to step off the curb, and falls face first into a puddle of water (it had rained earlier that day). She's like freaking out, as I calmly pick him up and brush him off, and he goes on about his business. I told her that Collin is my tough guy, at the same time as I'm thinking, "boy she must really think I'm a great mother!!"

Collin is also my daredevil. Dylan never stepped foot on a slide or jungle gym, until he was in preschool. Collin has no fear, and promptly climbs up the ladder and slides down the slide.

Back on August 22nd, us girls went out for Jenny's birthday. Back down to the Power & Light, we started at Howl at the Moon, but the band has totally changed, and it wasn't as fun. Well, one of the girls that Jenny works with was hanging out with some guys who had reserved a VIP booth at Angels Rock Bar that admission and free drinks. So, we spent the rest of the evening with them. It was a blast!!! We are definitely some sophisticated moms!!

The next day I sucked it up and took the boys to Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead in Overland's a petting zoo. You can also pay $5 and rent a fishing pole and worms. That's what Dylan wanted to do. So, since Daddy didn't go along, guess who really had to suck it up and actually put the worms on the hook....ackkkkk!!!

Here is a picture of Collin feeding the goats...I tell you, Collin is the total opposite of his big bubba. Dylan wanted no part of this...he even stood outside the fence!!

Last weekend we went to Max's birthday party (the son of Collin's babysitter). It was held at an indoor swimming park. Here's Collin walking through the fountains.

This weekend is the first KSU football game!!! Go Cats!!!

Watch out world...I'm a photo editor!!

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