Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Starts

Dylan is having a blast in 1st grade!! His teacher is Ms. Beverage. She is a sweetheart! And she's good friends with our neighbor, Robyn (so we always have an additional connection to her).

I did embarrass myself in front of her the first week of school. She was getting into her car at the same time as I was walking out to our car after picking up Dylan. I was busy talking to her, and watching Collin toddle along behind me (because he never wants to be carried anymore) at the same time. He tries to step off the curb, and falls face first into a puddle of water (it had rained earlier that day). She's like freaking out, as I calmly pick him up and brush him off, and he goes on about his business. I told her that Collin is my tough guy, at the same time as I'm thinking, "boy she must really think I'm a great mother!!"

Collin is also my daredevil. Dylan never stepped foot on a slide or jungle gym, until he was in preschool. Collin has no fear, and promptly climbs up the ladder and slides down the slide.

Back on August 22nd, us girls went out for Jenny's birthday. Back down to the Power & Light, we started at Howl at the Moon, but the band has totally changed, and it wasn't as fun. Well, one of the girls that Jenny works with was hanging out with some guys who had reserved a VIP booth at Angels Rock Bar that evening...free admission and free drinks. So, we spent the rest of the evening with them. It was a blast!!! We are definitely some sophisticated moms!!

The next day I sucked it up and took the boys to Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead in Overland Park...it's a petting zoo. You can also pay $5 and rent a fishing pole and worms. That's what Dylan wanted to do. So, since Daddy didn't go along, guess who really had to suck it up and actually put the worms on the hook....ackkkkk!!!

Here is a picture of Collin feeding the goats...I tell you, Collin is the total opposite of his big bubba. Dylan wanted no part of this...he even stood outside the fence!!

Last weekend we went to Max's birthday party (the son of Collin's babysitter). It was held at an indoor swimming park. Here's Collin walking through the fountains.

This weekend is the first KSU football game!!! Go Cats!!!


Christy said...

I saw your comment on Kelly's Korner blog, about your comment about K-State! We bleed purple as well!!:) Off to read more of your blog.

Kelly said...

Happy first day of school to your little guy, mama! :o)