Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mommy's going on a business trip!!!

I just found out that I'm going to be the "key integration contact" for our Kansas City office. I'm going to manage the switching of our system over to the Mobile system in the next couple of months. This means that I'm going to be traveling to Mobile for 2 weeks in October...the week of the 5th and the week of the 19th. I didn't expect them to even consider me since I have other pressing committments at home. My friend Jim would have been perfect...he doesn't have any kids. But my boss really wanted me to go since he feels like I have the most knowledge about how our stuff works. And I told him as long as they were able to work around Matt's traveling schedule and I would only go for one week at a time, I would agree to do this. So, they agreed to split up my two weeks into every other week. After I return, I'll work on the integration a little bit each day, so I'll be able to keep my regular clients. I was especially worried about this because our clients are already uneasy about the merger.

I leave early on the Monday mornings, and return Friday nights. I'm so excited to be able to experience what Matt gets to do so much of. I'm going to miss my 3 guys like crazy, and I know I'll probably cry a little bit each night, but I'm ready to sit in my hotel room and read my books, and I'm even planning on making a few little road trips. I want to venture over to the Biloxi area, and check out the damage from Hurricane Katrina...see what has changed since we were there in June of 2001...and hopefully catch up with our friends, Aaron & Stefani Lapointe. Then I want to travel down to Gulf Shores and check out the beach houses for rent to see if that area will be a good vacation spot for our summer vacation next year with the McCartys and McAtees. I plan on walking out on the beach and taking a picture of myself!!! (Boy, it sounds like I don't get out much, doesn't it?)

Anyways, back to the here and now...Dylan had his first flag football practice tonight in the rain. But, the boys stuck it out. Dylan had some great spin moves to move out of the way of the defender. I think he may be like a Darren Sproles...tiny but able to zig-zag around the defense.

Collin's been reading more books...all he wants to do is sit on our laps in the recliner and read books these days. And he loves to "mump" on the bed..."jump" on the bed. Tomorrow night while the dads and the big boys go to the GEHS football game, all of us moms are going to Adrienne's house and let the babies jump on the trampoline.

We're going to try and take Collin to the KSU football game on Saturday. I figure he'll make it 1 quarter or hopefully maybe the 1st half, and then Mom & I will have to take him out to the van and let him play. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that since it's our last non-conference game, maybe there won't be a full stadium, and he'll have room to move around our seats.

Well, the bed is calling my name...goodnight everyone!!

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