Wednesday, September 24, 2008

KU Watch Party

Yes, you don't have to blink and rub your eyes...I actually said the dreaded letters, K & U. When KU played on a Friday night a couple of weeks ago, we had our good friends, the McCartys and the McAtees (all KU fans) over to watch the game. We had planned to go to Gardner's football game that night, but it was rained out.

The guys watched the game, the boys ran around the house and made a lot of noise, and the moms sat and chatted. I tried my sangria recipes again, and they turned out yummy!!

I just love the grin on Collin's face in this picture.

Collin and Kameron (Kohlton's little brother). Kameron was born on April 3rd...almost exactly 1 month younger than Collin. They have no choice but to be best friends!!

Dylan, Collin, Kohlton, Kameron, and Brady.

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