Sunday, September 21, 2008

Maybe I'll do better with blogging

OK, OK, I know I'm the worst person when it comes down to sending out pictures of my boys and sending out email updates about the Jacobs' family happenings. So, I'm going to try the blogging thing.

I've been lurking on other people's blogs, and it's a pretty cool thing...I'm just hooked on the cute designs and colors that people have designed for their blogs. Some people compose entries every day...I don't think that I'll be able to do it quite that often...I'm hoping for weekly entries...besides we really don't do that many exciting things!

So, here goes...this week was unfortunately filled with sickness at our house. Collin had a fever on Monday and Tuesday, and I got a call from the school nurse on Friday about Dylan's 101.4 fever. I think Collin's was from teething, and we had Dylan tested for strep throat because his throat hurt terribly, but it came back negative. So, I gave them lots of cuddling and Motrin, and by Saturday, both boys were feeling fine.

Matt had an airports conference on Monday thru Wednesday. The guys played golf on Monday afternoon, social hour at Boulevard Brewery on Monday night, and then Matt and the other BWR guys treated their clients to the Royals game on Tuesday night. Then he went back to his dad's farm on Friday to help Neal mow and clean up the place. He came back Saturday morning to relieve me of my duties...because Mommy had the most exciting plans of the week!!!!

I attended my friend Jenny's monthly wine night Saturday evening. This is the most awesome idea ever!!! A group of her co-workers started having wine night once a month at someone's house. They each brought 2 bottles of wine and an appetizer...with the plan being to drink half of the bottles of wine and each of them would then take a bottle home. Well, the plan hasn't ever worked that way...all of the wine ends up disappearing. Well, this month they decided to have their wine night at Howl at the Moon down in the Power & Light District in downtown Kansas City, MO. Howl at the Moon is the best bar ever!!!! They have dueling pianos (no, it's not what everyone thinks of the first time they hear this.) They have a whole band along with the dueling pianos and they take requests from the audience and they play any, rap, oldies, top 40, etc. Take a look at their I can't do it any justice by trying to explain it. Well, this month, my friend Adrienne & I were invited to tag along, and of course, we had to join them. It was a blast!!!! I'll post pictures of our evening when Jenny sends them to me.

Well, I'm pooped from my late night last night, and I need to wake Collin up from his nap to put his PJ's on and give him his bottle and put him back to bed. Hee hee, he's slept a lot today!!! He has his 6 month appointment tomorrow...yuck more shots. Dylan is going along to be moral support for his little bro.

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