Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

We're all sitting here watching my favorite show of the fall...Dancing With The Stars!!! I can't believe Cloris Leachman made it another week!!!!

We had such a busy weekend, and it was so hot!! Definitely not football weather, but we went to a bunch of football games.

Friday night GEHS won their fifth game in a row against Spring Hill. We met up with Brady and Kohlton's families, and also ended up sitting by one of Dylan's buddies from his kindergarten class. Look at these cute little guys in their Trailblazer blue sweatshirts!!! Zachary (on the far right) has a brother who plays on the football team.

Then Saturday we headed to Manhattan for an embarrassing loss to Texas Tech. Holy cow...it seems like just yesterday when our football team was good and we waited around to see where we were ranked in the Top 25. I hope this drought doesn't last long. I'm trying so hard not to be a fairweathered fan. Look at the guy sitting on the other side of Matt. This picture was taken before the game even started, and that guy was already frustrated!!!

On Sunday we went to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival with Brady and his parents. I haven't been there since I was in 7th grade when our school took a field trip. It was fun...not a lot of stuff for little kids to do. Brady and Dylan wants swords, but we said no to that pretty quickly. They liked the wrestling show and the jousting show. That was pretty much it. Adrienne and I agreed that us moms need to go by ourselves to shop. There were some cool jewelry booths.

Now we're back to the work week. I'm hosting wine night at my house on Friday night for the girls on our street. I'll try to get some pictures!!

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