Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I really tried to keep my cool!!!

Well, we had an interesting pick-up at Dylan's school today. The kindergarten classes didn't have school today because of P-T conferences, so he had full day care through JCPRD. They went to Chucky Cheese today for their field trip. Knowing that he didn't have to be picked up until 6 p.m. (not that I would leave him there that long), I left at my regular time and stopped at Walmart on my way into Gardner. Well, I had been there 20 minutes when the school secretary called me to find out if I was going to pick up Dylan since he was a car-rider today. I said no, because he's not a car-rider today...he's in JCPRD. They said well, he says he's a car-rider today. I thought to myself...and you're believing a 5 year old? Anyways, there was just a mis-communication, and he went back to JCPRD. Well, I sped through Walmart, went to pick him up, had a stress-filled conversation with his JCPRD teacher, picked up Collin, felt bad, and came home and sent an email to his JCPRD teacher, apologizing for acting all crazy. She just responded back, whew!!!, and said that she was actually going to call me tomorrow to apologize for her attitude. Matt just told me that I should just let it go and move on.

Oh, and Matt just read my posts, and said that I forgot to say that he waxed both vehicles last weekend, and that I should have posted a picture of his shiny truck!! LOL!!

Good night everyone.

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