Sunday, October 12, 2008


OK, so I'm back on the bandwagon after our impressive offensive performance this weekend down in College Station. Our Wildcats beat Texas A&M on Saturday. Now, the defense...not so impressive. But a win is a win, and hopefully we'll beat Colorado next Saturday!!!

Friday night my boys went to the GEHS football game, and watched the Blazers beat Eudora 41-3. I invited all of the girls from our street to our house for wine night. We've decided that this will be a monthly occasion. We didn't even get started playing games...we had too much catching up to do!! In the picture below is Blaire, Robin, Gricell and Allison.

On Saturday we all went to Coen's birthday party. Coen used to be in Dylan's preschool class at Madison before his family moved to Overland Park. Coen has a little brother, Hayden, who was born last December. The party was at Incredibowl...the boys bowled 1 game (I'm proud to say that Dylan won...he bowled two strikes...definitely takes after his mother!!), and they played 1 game of laser tag....Dads against boys (and Sydney, Kohlton's sister). The boys won!! They came out drenched with sweat...they had so much fun!!! They are all getting suited up in the picture below (Sydney, Coen, Brady, Steve, Kohlton, and Dylan).

Then we headed to Dairy Queen for ice cream cake and presents. It's so awesome to get these 4 boys together for their birthdays...we all know what they like to do, they all get along so well, and we can re-use the gift sacks. I think we've been doing that for a year now. : )

On Sunday, we went to church, Dylan went to Sunday school, Matt planted some bushes, and we watched some football. At least the KC Chiefs didn't play, so they didn't lose again. : )

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ThriftyDecorChick said...

You're kids are absolutely adorable! I'm so glad you have found my blog, I hope you enjoy it!