Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I don't think we ever slow down!!

It was such an awesome weekend for being outside, and we definitely took advantage of it in the great town of Marquette!!
Matt had a golf outing planned for Friday afternoon with his department at work, so the boys and I headed out for Marquette around 2 or so. I had thought about stopping by the Smoky Valley High School football game since it was a home game, but we were going to go through Lindsborg too early to just stop by on our way to Mom & Dad's. So, I vetoed that idea....until Mijkin, my best friend from high school, called me on the way home. She said that the 1988 State Championship football team was going to be honored at halftime, and EVERYONE would be there. Well, since I haven't been to a SVHS anything since I was in college, I decided that we could go. And I didn't have to twist Dad's arm too much. After we ate supper, me, Dad & Dylan headed over to Anderson Field in Lindsborg. OMG...everyone looked so totally different!!! I found Mijkin, and sat down with her, while Dylan and Dad hung out together. I couldn't help but stare at everyone, but it took me so long to figure out who they were. Let's just say that Mijkin and I feel pretty darn good about how we look for our age!!! Everyone seemed to be either bald or heavier. There weren't very many girls there...only the wives of the former football players. I actually sat down behind a couple of guys who were part of our "Group" in high school, and I didn't even realize it. But it was so good to see them and catch up and of course, show off my pictures of Dylan and Collin!! That's another thing...everyone seemed to have kids in junior high...they were shocked to find out that I had just had a baby!!! Yep, started kind of late!!
Anyways, then on Saturday, Marquette hosted their Autumn in the Valley fall festival uptown. So Mom and I took the boys up to walk up and down Main Street. For those of you who know Marquette, you'll understand when I say that it took us a good 30 minutes to walk through the whole festival. Here's a picture of the boys in front of some of the decorations. As usual Collin is sticking stuff in his mouth!!
Then on Saturday afternoon, I met Mijkin up at the park in Marquette so the kids could play and so Collin and Kenzley could meet each other. Kenzley is almost 1 month older than Collin, but very petite...especially next to our football player. Here is the picture we took of the 4 kids...Dylan (5), Collin (7 mo), Kenzley (8 mo), and Kira (8). Kerrington (6) was playing at a friend's house.
We headed back home on Sunday to see how Matt was doing with his bachelor weekend. He tackled chores around the house, watched football, and hung out with Moxie. He was so bored with the KSU game Saturday night that he took pictures of Moxie and sent them to my phone!! I knew she was special to him!!!

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