Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Brrrr...it's feeling like Halloween weather!!!

Here comes the cold wind....I love how it feels outside when the wind blows and it's dark and you see everyone's pumpkins glowing on their front porches. I love our neighborhood this year...everyone has orange lights and pumpkins and scary stuff on their porches. Everyone went all out!!! This year should be fun on Halloween. We are planning to trick or treat in the neighborhood...all of the neighbors are sticking around this year...and then we're heading out to McCarty's house for a bonfire.

Last night I had a MOPS meeting. Our yellow table provided the dinner...chili and the fixin's. I took cornbread muffins. We had the best speaker....she is with the MOPS organization, and she spoke about how to find God in this hectic world we live in. I (along with all of the moms at my table) agree that we are always rushing the kids to get their teeth brushed, coat on, into the car, hurry, hurry, hurry, we'll be late!!! It's hard to do, but I have to remember that I just need to take a moment and breathe. We'll get to school, I'll get to work. The verse she ended her speech with was Psalms 46:10...Be still, and know that I am God. Just the way she said it made me take a deep breath and exhale. It was like a calm had settled over me. It was just a very good evening!!

Have a good week everyone!!!

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