Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hello to New Readers!!

Hello to those of you who read about my blog in our Christmas letter this year!

Well, we had the first 2 Christmases of the 6 total that we are going to have this year. Matt's mom came up last Saturday. We all went to the Christmas concert at the Church of the Resurrection on Saturday night. That church is amazing, so you can imagine what the concert was like. Full orchestra, choir, kids choir, men and women all sounded like a professional concert.

Sunday night we hosted the McAtees and McCartys for our Christmas gift exchange. This was the 2nd year of this event. We all buy gifts for the 3 boys (and now the 2 babies). The secret to buying the gifts for the 3 boys is to buy 3 of each gift...the exact same thing. Then there isn't any fighting over what they received!! Each boy received a new sled, a marshmallow shooter, and a floor puzzle of the USA (yes, I was the boring mom this year!!).

As you can tell, we always seem to have a good time with this group!!

We did take the boys to see Santa Claus last week at Bass Pro Shop. Collin and Dylan sat on Santa's lap together...neither one of them cried!!

Let's see what else happened...this week has been crazy with the snow, and now ice will be coming tomorrow. Today my department had our gag gift exchange. I ended up with a KU National Championship poster. We always have to display our gag gifts in our cubicle for the remainder of the year. I unhappily taped up the KU poster on my wall, but promptly printed out huge Powercats and taped them all over the poster. It's been a good week at work...we all were given parking permits for the underground garage (since the landlord threatened to give us all parking tickets for parking in the garage when it snowed on Tuesday). Plus we all got the "OK" to wear jeans for the rest of year. Let me tell you...that's a big plus!!! I get so much more work done when I'm comfortable!!

Dylan has his class party tomorrow. Friday is Collin's last day at Heather's until February. She is scheduled to be induced on December 30th, if Maddie doesn't make her appearance before then. Then, we're headed to Wichita on Saturday for an overnight trip, if the weather holds out.

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