Sunday, January 18, 2009


This the one time when I really wish we would have moved to Dallas. I hate the cold and I hate driving in the snow. There! My venting is over with!!!

We have now finished with the last of our holiday celebrations. Two weeks ago Chris and Mandy and Megan came over to eat pizza and exchange gifts. Megan is a girly girl, so I enjoy buying her girly girl gifts. Here's Megan standing on her gift, trying to get out of Collin's way as he zones in on something to put in his mouth.

Dylan started basketball camp on Saturday mornings. They have had 3 weeks of practice, and next week they start 3 weeks of games.

We went to Gavin Bonawitz's 3rd birthday party on Saturday. He's such a cutie (even though his parents are brainwashing him to like the Jayhawks), and easy to buy for!!! He LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine.

Look at him vacuming in this picture...what a helper!!

The main event of the weekend was Matt's company Holiday party. It's definitely not as fun as it used to be (Mrs. Harris, I hope you are reading this because I'm talking about those good ol' days). Most of the people left after the dinner, so there was nobody dancing. Matt wanted to hang out until the end of the evening because he figured if everyone left, he'd have a better shot at winning a door prize....well we didn't even hear the DJ announce that the door prizes were all gone by 8:30. But, we hung out until midnight with the rest of the airports group...we always seem to be last ones to leave every year. Hmmm, what does that say about us? Are we lushes?

Here are Chris and Mandy (Megan's parents).
Matt's hanging out at the bar with Joe and Byron.
Does anyone know of a lovely single lady for Byron to hook up with? I suggested that he should become ABC's next Bachelor.
Last but not least, I would like to ask everyone to say a little prayer for one of the sweet bloggers I read about. She's listed under my favorite blogs...Kelly's Korner. Her and her husband just delivered their precious little baby girl on Friday, and she is having some heart problems. Click on the link to read about this sweet family.
Have a great week!!!

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