Sunday, November 8, 2009

October Recap

It definitely doesn't feel like November around here. I think I brought back the Gulf Coast weather with me from Mobile...warm and humid.

I had one more trip to Mobile three weeks ago. This time it was so much easier being away from my boys. I ventured out a couple nights to different restaurants. The first night I ate at Los Rancheros...according to Trip, it's the best Mexican restaurant in Mobile. It was good!!! Quick, cheap and good!! Reminded me a lot of Chapalas here in Gardner.

On Wednesday night, I drove down to Mobile Bay and found a seafood restaurant right on the water....Ed's Seafood Shack. I ate the biggest shrimp I've ever seen, and I saw the sun set on the water.

We all went trick-or-treating twice. We went to BooBash on the Thursday before Halloween. Then we invited everyone over for chili on Halloween, and then us moms took the boys trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. Matt & Steve stayed home to hand out candy...and to watch the KSU/OU game.

Now we're just trying to make our Christmas lists, do homework, make holiday plans, chase Collin around, etc. Our crazy life, huh?!

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