Sunday, February 21, 2010

My First Baby is Growing UP!

We celebrated Dylan's 7th Birthday with a couple of events. We took him out to eat at Applebees for supper, singing and FREE dessert on his birthday.

Then we took all of the boys and Sydney to Incredabowl for bowling and laser tag! It was a long afternoon for Collin and Kameron...they just wanted to be able to do what the big boys were doing!

I think I'm going to have to get one of those "House Divided" license plates...KSU and Texas.
Here are a few photos of Dylan's basketball game. He's been scoring around 5-6 points a game, and definitely is a terror on the defensive side of the game. Small and scrappy...he can tip the ball away from the other team so quick.

We've hired Jessie, the 7th grader who lives next door, to watch Collin every Saturday while we go to Dylan's game. Again, Collin just wants to do what Bubba does...he doesn't seem to understand that he can't run out on the court with the team.
Collin decided for himself that he should start sleeping in the big boy bed. This was his first night.
Collin definitely enjoys his breakfast...2 or 3 mini pancakes usually find their way into his mouth at the same time.
Collin also thinks he needs to watch TV in Bubba's room. Dylan has started shutting the door to keep Collin out.

Jenny & I are going to see Billy Joel/Elton John in concert this weekend!!! It was postponed since December...I can't wait!!!

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