Sunday, March 21, 2010

March update

(Disclaimer....this post is the first of 2 posts that I'm cramming into tonight!!! See the next post about our spring break!!)

Collin turned 2 on March 4th, and so we headed to Applebees to celebrate with our friends!! I'm not sure what the people around us thought...we can get a little loud...especially with the big boys...take a look...

Apparently they thought the night was all about them...they had the waiter taking them up to the bar for oreos!!!

The waitstaff sang to Collin and he opened up his presents and then he was ready to go home!!! Definitely not a night owl!!!

Dylan's teacher just had her 4th baby this last week...Baby Josie!!! Several of us moms hosted a surprise baby shower for her the week before spring break. Here is the class with their wonderful and awesome teacher! She's only taking 2 weeks off (are you kidding me? I would never be able to get back on my feet that fast!!!), but she is so dedicated to her class!! We can't wait to see the baby!!!

Dylan's basketball team ended their season with only 1 loss...and boy would we like to play that team again!!!! The boys improved so much during the season...they creamed every team they played...they scored so many points every game that the scoreboard person stopped putting their points up after 30 or so.
We hosted a pizza party for the team after the last game...the weather obviously didn't cooperate so we had it in our garage. (Of course, Matt took the opportunity to make his garage spotless!)
Coach Davy told the boys halfway through the season that if they won the rest of their games, they could shave his head. And so it happened!!! Each boy got a chance to run the razor!
Thank goodness the rule did not apply to my husband, the assistant coach!!!

And so baseball season starts in a month or so...sounds like we'll be seeing a lot of these same boys on that team too!! They are a fantastic group!!!
Later that night we headed over to McAtees for supper and to watch the Big 12 Championship game with KSU against KU. Unfortunately the Wildcats lost for the 3rd time against those crappy Jayhawks, but we still had fun!!

Have a great rest of the month!!!

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