Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

I can't believe that Dylan has 1 month left of school! I'm so sad that Ms. Beverage won't be his teacher anymore!!! His last day of school is the 28th, and then he has a week off, and then he will start summer camp. Thankfully the grocery budget won't double this summer...instead of taking a lunch every day, the kids will get bussed over to Gardner Elem. for lunch everyday. It only costs us $30 for the whole summer!!

His first baseball game is May 18th. He's typically been playing at 3rd base or shortstop. His arm strength has improved so much...he can throw easily from 3rd to 1st to get someone out. Collin on the other hand seems to think he needs to be on the baseball field as well. Looks like Jessie will be hired for every Tuesday and Thursday evening this summer.

Matt built me a retaining wall for my flower garden behind the shed a couple of weeks ago. Here are the before, during and after pictures. The flowers have been purchased and are supposed to be delivered by UPS on Saturday. I think I've planted flowers in this area at least 3 times and then I tear them out. Somebody please take my shovel away from me!!!

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