Friday, June 18, 2010

Dylan's 1st Grade Graduation

Matt and I went to the 1st Grade Awards Assembly the last week of school...or as Dylan called it "his graduation to 2nd grade". All 3 first grade teachers presented the awards for their class. Dylan's teacher was so emotional...she loved her kiddos so much...and we loved her!!! Dylan's kindergarten teacher set the bar very high...we didn't see how anyone could top her...but Ms. Beverage just moved that bar quite a bit higher. We hope to see her on the walking trail with her family a bunch!!!

I think Dylan is standing in the 3rd row right beside Mr. Mortenson, the principal. Dylan got a gold medal for the KU (Ahem...yes I said those two letters) Reading Program. He read over 50 Accelerated Reader books during the year.

Here's Dylan with two of his buddies from his class...Ethan and Adam.

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