Thursday, April 30, 2009

ByeBye Camry

Boo Hoo Hoo, I had to say goodbye to the Camry this weekend. For those of you who have known me since high school know that I had a treasured Camry back in high school and college. Both Camrys have gotten me through many years and many miles.

Collin & I were in a car accident Saturday night. We were on our way to church and to run errands, and going through an intersection, a high school girl "didn't see us...ha!" and turned left right in front of us. We collided, and I t-boned her car pretty good. Both of my air bags went off, and the front end was pretty well crunched. Collin and I were both fine...I had a tiny cut on my forehead and a pretty good knot from where I hit something...still trying to figure out what I hit.

Dylan and Matt were at the truck race at the KS Speedway, so they had to rush home. Matt said that he even had to flag down a parking attendant to give him an escort out of the parking lot. Here they are before we called them.

My friend and neighbor Allison came up and gave us a ride home. It was wierd...I've never been in a wreck when I couldn't drive my car home.

The insurance company has already declared the Camry a total loss (well, what can you was only worth $3500). We should get the check from the insurance next week, so we'll be hitting the pavement looking for a car next week.

I'm very thankful that Collin was alright...he was perfectly fine!!! I talked to his pediatrician on Saturday night, and he didn't think it was necessary for us to take him to the ER. Just gave him some Motrin, and he was good to go. I dug out the Hydrocodone from my last c-section, and that got me through the next couple of days. I wasn't sore as I thought I would be.

Other than all of this, we've been pretty quiet around here this week...went to the park on Sunday, practices were all rained out, and Matt & Dylan went to see the rest of the truck race on Monday afternoon (after they left on Saturday, the race was postponed because of rain and tornadoes). I think God was watching out for my boys...that's the one good thing that has come out of the car accident. They had left way before the tornado sirens went off.

This Saturday we're having a garage sale at our house. It is the Gardner City-wide sale. Adrienne is bringing over some stuff, and Jenny is going to stop by and hang out with us.

Have a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about you car. It's like losing a dear friend.