Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Picture Post

This is going to be a post full of pictures...to wrap up what we've been doing the past couple of weeks!

Dylan jamming with Daddy's IPod on a cold and rainy Saturday.

Dylan lost his 2nd tooth...took a little more tugging by Daddy and this time it did bleed. Yuck...I'm shuddering just thinking about it.

Future K-State linebacker.

Look at these precious little toes.

Coach Davy (the boys' former soccer coach) wrapping the 3 boys up at the McCarty Easter Egg Hunt. It was so great to see him and Robin and Caden. Since they decided not to do soccer this year, we haven't seen them in ages!!

Collin figured out what to do at the easter egg hunt. It started out cold and windy, but it turned out to be an awesome afternoon...hanging out with all of our friends...plus about 100 other friends and family of the McCarty's.
The fam on Easter Morning. Good grief...can Matt & I stand any further apart? We weren't mad at each other or anything...I promise!!

Collin and Daddy at the PTO Art Walk at Dylan's school. This was tonight. Collin is showing off his tye-dyed "Hand Made at Little Wonders" t-shirt from daycare. Boy, are we blessed by having Heather take care of Collin for us. I consider her to be a good friend too.

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