Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kenny Chesney, Baby!!!!

Last Saturday had to be the busiest day ever in the life of the Jacobs' family!!! Dylan had a soccer game at 8 a.m., and he scored the first goal of the game again. Then, Matt decided to postpone the mowing, and we headed to Olathe to check out a new car (since we had zero luck on Friday). We bought a Hyundai Sonata in less than 3 hours...the fastest car purchase I've ever been involved in. It wasn't my first choice, but it's silver, it's an '08, it's sporty, AND it has my XM radio included in the stereo system!!!!

Then Dylan had a t-ball game at 2 p.m. Matt said that he rocked out in the field. He plays at 2nd base, and he had two great stops with throws right to the first baseman.

I just wanted to thank my M&D for everything they did this weekend. They came up Thursday night, and watched Collin/picked up Dylan so we could go car shopping on Friday, and then they did the same thing on Saturday...plus all of the regular things they do...cook, pick up, etc. We could not have done this without you last weekend. We Love YOU!!!

Finally, Matt & I went to the Kenny Chesney concert on Saturday night with McCartys, McAtees, and Elders. It was a blast!!! Miranda Lambert was one of the opening acts, and she ended up at the PBR nightclub after the concert...less than 10 feet away from us. Jenny was also set on taking "Kenny" home with us...she got him out of the club, but then some guy offered her $20 for him. Oh well...we had a full car anyways. We would have had to strap him to the top. : )

Enjoy the pics!!

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