Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dylan's Graduation...just a quick post!

I wanted to get a quick post done since it's been forever!! Dylan graduated from Kindergarten last Thursday, and here are the pictures to prove it!! : )

They sang several songs to lead us through what they've learned this year. Dylan was featured in the first song.

Here's a picture of him receiving his diploma from Mr. Mortenson, the principal.

Here is a quick picture of their whole class. Dylan is right in the middle on the top row.
And finally a picture of Dylan and Mrs. Furlong. We couldn't have done this without her!!! She is an awesome teacher!!

It's so weird...we were so sad to leave Madison Elem last fall after he finished preschool, and we were so scared to start school at Sunflower Elem. Now, everytime I drive by Sunflower, I feel sad because even after just one year, it feels like "home" to us. I can't wait until August!! I know Dylan feels the same way...he's so anxious to be in 1st grade!!!

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