Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vegas Baby!!!

Matt and I went on a "mommy and daddy" vacation last week. Matt had a couple free flights for Southwest, and we found really great rates for Mandalay Bay (the hotel where we stayed for our honeymoon).
We went out on Wednesday and came home on Friday. Dylan and Collin went to Marquette to spend a couple of days with Grandma and Papa (they had a great time at the zoo and at a movie and at Pipers).

Matt & I spent the majority of our vacation at the Mandalay Bay Beach. As soon as we checked in, we put our suits on and grabbed lunch at the pool. We also rented a cabana on Thursday. It was sweet!!! We had a refrigerator stocked with pop and water, a flat screen TV, a couch, table & chairs, and 2 lounge chairs just for us. We didn't have to worry about finding chairs at the crowded beach. I stayed outside the whole day, and Matt went back and forth between the pool and the casino.

Wednesday night we went to see Terry Fator. He won America's Got Talent a couple of years ago. He is a ventriloquist and celebrity impersonator. It was a packed house, and it was a great show.

Thursday night we went out to check out the Vegas nightlife. We went to GhostBar, the Playboy Club, and Moon Nightclub...all at the Palms Hotel and Casino. Of course, we started 8:30, so the places weren't very busy. We did win $100 at the Playboy Club...and had free drinks. That made up for the $10 drinks at GhostBar!! I can't believe how much food and drinks cost in Vegas. The hotels and restaurants sure haven't lowered their prices in order to attract more tourists, since the economy has affected the tourism in a negative way.

Dylan's enjoying t-ball, summer camp, and swimming. We only have one more t-ball game left. Then the next week is July 4th, and then the next week we have our camping vacation. The summer is going so fast!!
Here's Dylan's soccer team the last game of the season.

Here are the boys celebrating their successful soccer season at the soccer party.

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Looks like a fun little holiday! :)