Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Summer Always Goes So Fast!!

Well, let's see now, I think I need to finish summarizing our June activities, followed by what's happened so far in July!

Swimming, swimming & more swimming! Either at our pool, the Gardner pool, or Kohlton's pool. We're all turning sunkissed bronze, and the boys are both fish.

Matt & Dylan went fishing a couple more times in June. Here's a picture of one of their catches (this is the only one that has come home with them).

Collin has learned how to ride his bike standing up...ha! He's our little daredevil. Dylan is still tentative about things, but I think Collin would climb up on anything!!

Our long 4th of July weekend was so much fun!! Steve & Lori Harris were in Kansas visiting all of their families, and they stopped by on Friday to see us. Bowen and Reese came along with them. Reese and Collin hadn't been together since right after Collin was born. Reese is a little more than 3 months older. Check out the difference between these two pictures!!

We went to our annual 4th of July party at the McAtee residence. It was cool and cloudy and Collin slept through supper!! He didn't take an afternoon nap (YIKES!), so we took his pack'n'play with us. We laid him down at 5:30, and I had to go wake him up at 8!!! It was great...we were able to eat supper without having to chase him around, and he woke up happy and ready to watch the fireworks!!

Our 2nd vacation of the summer was last weekend. We rented a camper, as did the McAtee family, and we headed down to Bennett Spring, MO for the weekend. We had air conditioning and plumbing and electricity in the kind of camping!!! We let the dads do a little fishing (not as much as they wanted), and we went swimming, and we just hung out together and relaxed. Collin finally started walking 100% of the time, and he loved camping!! He followed the big boys around and got muddy and played in the water and rode Bubba's scooter (with help from Daddy) and just loved being outside.

I had a little bit of change at work the last couple of months. FBD Consulting, Inc. is no company was bought by DailyAccess Corporation, a pension firm located in Mobile, AL. We are their Kansas City office. I always thought I rolled with the punches, but boy, "change" is hard. I thought I would be working at FBD until I retired, and I guess I kind of am, but yeah, it's hard. I think we're safe with our jobs, so I'm trying to be positive.

Matt & Dylan went to the Pretty Prairie rodeo tonight, so Collin and I spent the afternoon shopping at the Legends with Adrienne. I got Dylan his school shoes already...that boy has some stinky feet!!! The boys have decided that they don't want to wear their sandals after they go swimming, so they wear their tennis shoes without socks to summer camp. YUCK!!!! His shoes stink up his whole room!!!

Dylan has lost two teeth within the last week. He looks like a vampire with fangs on the bottom. He starts swimming lessons on Monday with Brady. They are going to do so good!!! (Mijkin, you would be so proud of my little fish!!!) He loves diving into the pool to get his diving sticks. Good grief, I'm scared to even stick my face in the water!! LOL

Well, I'm going to go sit on the deck and have some ice tea. I had big plans for tonight after Collin went to bed, but I think I'll go to bed!! More school shopping tomorrow!!

Good night!

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