Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My New Obsession

I'm blaming the fact that I can't get the blog updated more often on the fact that I'm officially obsessed with I-Tunes. We bought Matt a new IPod for Father's Day because he washed his other one in the laundry, and I think Dylan and I have used it more than he has! Dylan has picked up all of the words to a few songs, and his favorite is "I Kissed a Girl." (Yes, I know this song is sang by a girl...he hasn't figured that out yet!!)
Oh, what have we been doing. Dylan just completed 2 weeks of swimming lessons in Olathe. He does really good swimming on his stomach and under the water, but he hasn't quite figured out the back float yet. I feel bad because we haven't been swimming as much in the month of July. He goes to pool with summer camp 2 or 3 times a week, so I don't want to wear him out by going during the evenings too. It's supposed to be really hot this weekend, so Matt said we could spend it at the pool!!
Collin is now running around on two feet!! And he talks like crazy!!! He loves to answer questions from his Uncle Steve (Brady's dad), and we're still not sure why he calls Uncle Steve "Ba". Not sure where he got that.
This is what it usually looks like in the mornings...a lot of crying and carrying on!
We visited Chris, Mandy, Megan, & Erin one Saturday night for a cookout. I got my baby fix by holding Erin the whole time. It's been so long since I've held a baby who will actually stay in my arms and not want to wiggle the whole time. She just slept so peacefully.
Megan and Collin jumped in and out of her wading pool. Collin decided to show off his muscles to all of us.
Here he's saying "How do you like these guns?"
Last weekend Dylan & Collin stayed with Grandma and Papa in Marquette. It was Marquette's 130th Birthday Celebration, so they went to the parade and BBQ in the park. Auntie Bev, Uncle Rod, and Cousin Susan came down from Des Moines to visit too!!
Matt & I went with Jenny, Steve & Adrienne to Jenny's dad's on the Lake of the Ozarks. OMG!!! I could live on the lake all the time. He had a fabulous house, boat, dock, jet ski, everything. They cooked us prime rib on Saturday night, and entertained us with the best adults only weekend ever!!! We went out on the boat several times, rode the jet ski, went shopping in Osage Beach, Matt & Steve took the paddle boat out fishing, etc. It was the best weekend!!!

Dylan starts school next week, and the boys have all decided to skip soccer and just play flag football. It starts in mid-September, but Coach Elder (Cayden's dad) is going to start practicing on weekends, so we can get the upper-hand. I'm in charge of teaching all of the moms about football. Now I know why Matt loves me so much...it's my football knowledge!!
Goodbye for another week!

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