Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

We're having a lot of togetherness this long Christmas weekend...snowed in because of the Midwest Christmas blizzard!! I'm just glad that it happened when we didn't have to go anywhere!!

Not sure how much snow we've gotten...probably 9-10 inches.

We let the boys open a couple presents on Christmas Eve...Collin got these stacking blocks...stacks them up taller than he is....

...and then proceeds to kick them over!

Christmas morning Dylan crawled into bed with us around 6, complaining that he was "starving to death". We made him stay in bed until until 7. Then he forgot all about being hungry. Ha!

Dylan and his Colt McCoy football jersey.

Collin and his 4-wheeler.

Moxie and her cat-nip filled scratcher.

Dylan and his lego set.

Collin and his Thomas train set.

I think I blogged about how we are changing the boys' rooms around. Well, while the closet is being built in the nursery, the boys are sharing a room. We thought it would be a bad idea, but the boys love it. Collin will not go to bed without Dylan in his bed, so it has definitely made it easier to get them to fall asleep. No more 10 trips into the rooms to get them water, or rub there back, etc. Not sure what will happen when we have to split them up. Guess I'll probably have to lay down in the twin bed until Collin falls asleep at night.

Dylan and I put this Gingerbread Train set together last Sunday. It was a good little project that kept us busy for maybe 20 minutes of the long, snowed-in weekend.

Collin did get to experience his 2nd sledding experience (his first was when I was pregnant with him, and I went sledding with Dylan down our driveway).
Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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