Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dylan's Birthday and other things to catch up on

The first big news of Dylan's birthday weekend was that Dylan lost his first tooth. It seems like this was the first tooth he got when he was a baby. That's kind of cool to think about. Matt asked me if I wanted to keep it for his baby book...that's kind of gross. I said, no thanks!
We celebrated Dylan's birthday with his buddies at Monster Jam at the Sprint Center. Then everyone came over to our house for supper and cake.

Here's Collin yelling at the top of his lungs trying to make people hear him over the roar of the trucks!

Our cheeseballs.
Here's Collin checking out the snowboarding show at the Power & Light District before the monster truck show. He's a little sad that all of this wasn't for him. : ) Notice the short sleeves...and we're sitting outside!! It was 70 degrees that day...I don't think the snowboarders planned on the snow melting that day!!
I know this update should have taken place several weeks ago, but we've all been sick once again. Yuck!! I'll have pictures from the Junior Wildcat Day on the next update.

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