Sunday, March 1, 2009

Junior Wildcat Day - Winter version

Go Cats! We visited Manhattan for the Junior Wildcat Basketball Day. We met up with a few football players (more on that below), and then went to the KSU girls game vs. Colorado. Mom and Dad met us there to celebrate Collin's birthday.

Here's Dylan in the group doing warm-ups with Willie.

Dylan with Brandon Banks, wide receiver.

Dylan with Aubrey Quarles, wide receiver.

Look at Collin checking out Willie in this picture.

We were disappointed with the turnout of the football players. There were only 4 players that showed we didn't figure Coach Snyder would be able to attend (he needed to be out finding a new offensive coordinator since ours left without even coaching one game!!). But, we expected a big group of players (good grief...the total roster has 92 least 20 could have shown up!!). I sent an email to the Alumni Association on Monday, and they actually called me back, and shared my disappointment. They said that there was a breakdown in communication between them and the Athletic Department. I wasn't even really expecting a response, so I was impressed to get an actual phone call.

On Sunday, I took the boys to Monkey Bizness (inflatable playground), and we met up with the McCartys. Collin and Kameron hung out in the toddler area. I think this was the first time the two buddies actually paid attention to each other.

This weekend Matt's mom came up to visit. She came up on Friday night since we had a snowstorm on Saturday. We only ended up with a couple of inches, but it was so weird since it had been 70 degrees earlier in the week. Thank goodness it's going to be warm again in a couple of days!!
Collin's birthday is on Wednesday!! We are having a little party for him on Sunday!
I really need to write my entries earlier in the evening...I'm out of catchy comments!! Catch you next time!

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